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iTrail by SleuthGear® With Magnetic CaseiTrail by SleuthGear® With Magnetic Case
SilverCloud® Overdrive Live GPS Tracker GlobalSilverCloud® Overdrive Live GPS Tracker Global
iTRAIL® GPS Data Logger By SleuthGear®iTRAIL® GPS Data Logger By SleuthGear®
iTRAIL® GPS Data Logger w/Extended Battery & CaseiTRAIL® GPS Data Logger w/Extended Battery & Case
iTRAIL® Extended Battery And CaseiTRAIL® Extended Battery And Case


Adapter Line CamAdapter Line Cam
Weather Clock CamWeather Clock Cam
Insulated Mug DVRInsulated Mug DVR
Tactical Headset CameraTactical Headset Camera


Bush Baby IP Exit SignBush Baby IP Exit Sign
Bush Baby IP Fern CameraBush Baby IP Fern Camera
Wicker Basket Hidden Camera 30 HoursWicker Basket Hidden Camera 30 Hours
Bush Baby Gum Box Spy CameraBush Baby Gum Box Spy Camera


Xtreme Life™ Teddy BearXtreme Life™ Teddy Bear
Wall Mounted Spy Hidden DVRWall Mounted Spy Hidden DVR
Zone Shield Digital Picture FrameZone Shield Digital Picture Frame
SleuthGear Book Cam USBSleuthGear Book Cam USB




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Welcome to Undercover Hidden Cameras. We are the premier on-line retailer for high quality hidden cameras, nanny cams and spy cameras. Our goal is to provide everyday people and businesses with reliable easy to use systems for the protection and peace of mind they deserve. When you shop Undercover Hidden Cameras, you know you'll be getting the best hidden cameras on the market.  To ensure quality, our units are American made, and
American designed!

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We specialize in User Friendly DIY hidden cameras, spy cameras, and nanny cams. Disguised to look like everyday household items, every camera must be dependable and of the highest quality for Undercover Hidden Cameras to select for you; our customer. These high standards are how we have established a reputation as a premier hidden camera for home, spy camera, and nanny cam retail location. We provide outstanding quality at highly competitive prices in a safe online shopping environment.

Sometimes we hear, "I found this hidden camera much cheaper online." Unfortunately places outside the U.S. do not have the same standards as we do here in the USA. That is why we choose to only carry high quality, long lasting hidden cameras manufactured and supplied here in the United States for the best customer service, highest quality, at the lowest prices. As a USA owned business located in central New York, we are proud of dealing only with suppliers and manufactures in the USA.

We take great pride in our Customer Service! We understand the importance and discretion needed for each and every order placed. Our customers are home owners, concerned parents, military, law enforcement agencies, government offices, and small businesses. Your peace of mind is what drives us to offer EASY TO USE, QUALITY ONLY hidden cameras, spy cameras, and nanny cams.

Undercover Hidden Cameras is very proud of all of the manufacturers and brands that help protect what’s important to you, producing quality only hidden cameras from home, spy cameras and nanny cams.

Highlighted Manufacture:  KJB Security out of Nashville Tennessee designs and manufactures their own line of exclusive products under the SleuthGear® brand. From hidden cameras, spy cameras, and nanny cams to DVRs that protecting what’s important to you, these SleuthGear®
 products are not cheap knock-offs designed to fail. Each is made with high quality material and carries KJB Security’s signature customer service.
The SleuthGear® brand is made up of the following family of products:

Zone Shield®Wireless hidden camera video systems are built into working household appliances. They allow the user to view or record remotely via the EZ-See weblink or the EZ-See iTunes App. Captured video is recorded to an included SD card or streamed to a recording device via QUADQUAD LCD or USB connection.

The Zone Shield® Night Vision is an infrared hidden camera built into working household appliances that can record visible video even in total darkness. Captured video is recorded to an included SD card or streamed to a recording device via QUAD, QUAD LCD or USB connection. Zone Shield Night Vision Cameras can also be connected to Zone Shield Wireless systems.

The Zone Shield® DVR is a hidden video camera and DVR built into actual working electronics or small appliances. Captured video is stored locally on the device on the included SD Card. Unlike other hidden camera/DVR systems, Zone Shield DVRs are completely undetectable as a hidden recording device.

Xtreme Life™ Camera/DVR systems feature long-life batteries that can record for up to one year after installation. Weather proof and energy conscious, Xtreme Life works for indoor or outdoor installation.

The Recluse ! This ordinary black box is a motion-activated hidden camera and DVR using an SD card for memory. Its simple design blends into any environment.


A Few Applications for Your Hidden Camera for Home:

NANNY CAMS – Parents need nanny cams to make sure their children are being taken care of properly. What is the babysitter doing? Are they watching and playing with the children, or are they on their cell phone? Are they inviting unwanted guests over? Is there alcohol or drugs being used? Are the children being abused?  Protect what’s important to you with one of our high quality nanny cams.

GRANNY CAMS – Children need Granny Cams to make sure their elderly parents are being taken care of properly. What are the nurses doing? Are they abusing or stealing from your elderly parent? Peace of mind knowing you can see them at all times and if the unthinkable happens, being able to react quickly.

HIDDEN CAMERAS FOR HOME – Is your spouse cheating? Are the children staying home from school? Are the neighbors going through your home?  What is the dog doing when you are gone?  Are the kids having a party when you are gone? Are the contractors stealing from you? See the unseen through the eyes of our do-it-yourself hidden cameras for home.

DORM ROOM HIDDEN CAMERAS - Is my roommate stealing from me?  Are you being bullied? Who is in your room when you’re in class? Record events as they happen! Easy to set up! Affordable! Buy yours NOW!

SPY CAMERAS – Get the undeniable proof you need to prove your point. Are you being harassed at work? Are you being bullied? Do you want a record of what really happened? Picking the kids up for visitation, keep an exact record of events.  Be your own private investigator with a spy camera today.

 In an effort to make finding your hidden cameras for home, hidden spy cameras, and nanny cams effortless, we have categorized them into many easy to understand categories:

WI-FI CAMERAS - Stream your video live over the internet so you can watch live from any computer you have an internet connection or on your smart phone!  These camera systems send and receive video/audio over a computer network and the internet.

SELF RECORDING – Self Recording cameras are self-contained cameras that are all in one units.  These units have a built in DVR that records the video action onto a SD Card or internal memory for viewing.

WIRELESS CAMS – Wireless Hidden Cameras have a built in transmitter that will send the video wirelessly to a (hidden) receiver connected to a DVR, video recorder, or TV for monitoring and recording.

WIRED CAMERAS – All wired cameras directly hook up to your recording device (DVR) by a RCA cable.

MOBILE & BODY WORN – Body Worn Cameras are portable covert hidden cameras that you wear or carry on you.

IR/NIGHT VISION –  IR/Night Vision hidden cameras come with built in infrared illuminators which allow for recording in very low light situations. These units will provide you with a clear image during the night, even in the total darkness!

SPECIALTY CAMS – Have a special need? From car cams to pole cameras these high quality specialty cameras will get the job done right.   

DVR’S- Check out our selection of superior DVR’s.  Dependable and perfect to record what your hidden camera for home, hidden spy cameras, and nanny cam sees. Just plug into your wired camera or wireless receiver and begin recording.

ACCESORIES-Need an extra battery for the Xtremelife line or a quality high capacity SD card, check out our many accessories for your hidden cameras, spy cameras, and nanny cams.

Wondering which hidden camera for home, spy camera, or nanny cam is right in your situation?  Please call or email us and let our experience help you find a camera that best fits your situation and budget.  Protect what’s important to you.

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